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Motorcycle Service Equipment
motorcycle tire bead breaker motorcycle bead breaker motorcycle tire balancer
Tire Bead Breaker
The Black Widow tire bead breaker is a great tool for the home mechanic. It has an easy to use design with a wide base for stability and a long, padded handle for extra leverage. The bead breaker works with most motorcycle, trailer, or other smaller tires and features an adjustable pivot angle and lower block base.
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Motorcycle Bead Breaker
The Black Widow motorcycle bead breaker makes it easy for one person to break most motorcycle, ATV, or sport tire beads. The bead breaker has a durable steel construction with an adjustable breaker tool and long handle for extra leverage.
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Motorcycle Tire Balancer
The motorcycle tire balancer has a portable, static design that can be set up between work benches, across the rear drop panel of a motorcycle lift, or clamped to another fabricated stand. It works with most motorcycle or dirt bike tires and includes peel-and-stick, lead-free steel weights.
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motorcycle wheel balancer Black Widow Motorcycle Truing Stand and Wheel Balancer
Motorcycle Wheel Balancer
This static wheel balancer works with most Harley, cruiser, sport bike, road bike, and dirt bike wheels. A polished steel axle with aluminum centering cones rests on smooth rolling bearings at the ends of the adjustable support arms.
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Truing Stand and Wheel Balancer
Accurately balance powersport wheels up to 7″ W x 35″ D with the Black Widow Motorcycle Wheel Balancer and Truing stand. With the BW-WB-30, balancing a wheel is quick and easy.
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Cruiser Motorcycle Dolly
The Cruiser motorcycle dolly has a long 94″ ribbed track to store or maneuver cruisers and choppers weighing up to 1,250 lbs. The dolly has a sturdy 12 gauge steel construction and an adjustable sliding kick plate stand. Double caster wheels make it easy to move around.
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Sport Motorcycle Dolly
Pit Viper motorcycle dolly holds a single motorcycle or sport bike with a kickstand weighing up to 1,250 lbs for maneuvering around the shop or garage. Front and rear lever operated wedge gates allow for easy loading and unloading to the 76″ L x 8″ W x 2″ H dolly platform.
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