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Folding Motorcycle Ramps
Big Boy II Loading Ramp System
The Big Boy II loading ramp is by far the most innovative ramp system to hit the market! Packed full of features allowing you to load not just motorcycles, but ATVs, golf carts, UTVs, zero turn lawnmowers, and just about any pneumatic wheel vehicle up to 3,000 lbs! The Big Boy II is constructed of lightweight, rustproof aluminum and consists of two separate single runner ramps that can be connected together with four included connecting brackets.
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40″ Folding Motorcycle Ramp
The Black Widow motorcycle loading ramp system is an all-aluminum, multipurpose, heavy duty aluminum ramp system that works for motorcycles, ATVs, tractors, or just about anything that needs loading. An indispensable tool to the user who owns multiple recreational vehicles that need loading but does not want to spend a fortune on multiple systems.
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Extra Long Folding Ramp
Load a low clearance motorcycle into the back of your pick up truck or trailer with the Black Widow extra long motorcycle ramp. This ramp is designed for easy one-person loading and unloading. The extra long design allows for loading into taller trucks or trailers and the arched end provides the clearance needed to load lower bikes. The ramp system is constructed of aluminum with a black powder coat finish.
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Big Boy Motorcycle Ramp
Full size folding motorcycle loading ramps are the Cadillac of the loading ramp industry. This motorcycle ramp system gives you the freedom to load and unload a medium-sized or large motorcycle safely with one person. These aluminum ramps are the lightest full size motorcycle loading ramps on the market today.
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Folding Dirt Bike Ramp
Light duty single folding motorcycle ramps are designed for loading of off road and motocross bikes. These ramps are available with rungs and in our plate style solid surface. They are all-aluminum and fold in half for compact storage.
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17″ Wide Folding Motorcycle Ramp
The Black Widow single folding motorcycle ramp is an 17″ wide motorcycle loading ramp that folds to half it’s length for compact storage. The extra width of this single loading ramp makes it much more forgiving than most single runner ramps when pushing up a street bike or off road bike.
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HD Folding Motorcycle Ramp
The AF-9012-HD is a single 89″ long folding motorcycle loading ramp with a heavy duty 1,500 lb capacity to easily load any size bike from a small dirt bike to a large cruiser. Features serrated cross rungs for maximum traction. Includes an adjustable safety strap to prevent ramp kick-outs.
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89″ Long 3-Piece Ramp
The AF-9034-HD 3-piece ramp system is a combination of our heavy duty 89″ single ramp and our AFP solid plate ATV ramps plus a hardware connecting kit. This 3-piece system is 89″ long and is perfect for loading bikes onto small 4×2 trucks and trailers.
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Folding Motorcycle Trailer Ramp
The TF-6050 is a trifold motorcycle trailer ramp for loading a bike onto open and enclosed trailers. This ramp has a full-width attaching lip to fit on almost any trailer and folds to one-third its width so it can be easily stored on any trailer. The 50″ of width allow the rider to put their feet down when loading. The heavy duty center takes a bike up to 1500 lbs and the ramp also can load ATVs, small garden tractor, and more.
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Folding Motocross Ramp Big Boy III Trike Loading Ramp
HD Motorcycle & ATV Ramps
Use these heavy duty loading ramps to load motorcycles and ATVs. The ramp system is constructed of aluminum and can be separated into dual runner ramps or connected for a solid 38″ wide ramp. A built in offset arch in the ramps provide extra clearance for lower bikes or ATVs. Three lengths available with varying weight capacities from 2,000 lbs to 3,000 lbs. Quality built in the USA!
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Motocross Loading Ramps
Aluminum motocross folding ramps have a solid plate lip for added stability, raised sides and a unique tread design to prevent tires from slipping during loading and unloading. Each ramp has a weight capacity of 400 lbs, can be folded to a compact  and easily carried with a plastic handle, or secured to a truck bed with an adjustable strap.
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Big Boy III Trike Loading Ramp
The Big Boy III Trike Loading Ramp system features three heavy duty loading ramps with solid flat plate/hook ends for a full-width attachment to a pickup truck tailgate or trailer bed. Three ramps connect together with attachment brackets to reduce flexing and provide additional stability while loading over a 12° offset for added ground clearance.
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Tail Gate Protector
Alumi-Loc Pro
Positively locks loading ramps in place for secure loading of equipment. Designed to be faster, easier to use, and more secure than straps, the Alumi-Loc Pro virtually eliminates ramp slip and can be mounted on truck beds, trailers, box trucks, containers, loading docks, or any flat surface requiring equipment loading.
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