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Bifold ATV Ramps
Steel Bi-Fold ATV Ramps Light Weight Bi-Fold Aluminum ATV Ramps
Steel Bifold ATV Ramps
Constructed of 1″ tubular steel, powder coated black, and held together with durable steel hinges. Fold the ramp in half and it will store underneath an ATV or quad. Rubber-coated fingers protect from scratching or scuffing the tailgate and secured with an included strap for safety. The 1000 lb capacity is able to hold almost any ATV or quad on the market today.
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Bifold Aluminum ATV Ramps
The IBF bifold series of ramps fold to half their width and can be deployed in seconds. There are currently two styles available. The IBF-7144 is a 71″ L x 44″ W, lightweight bifold ramp with serrated circular crossbar rungs and rubber fingers. The IBF-7148 is 71″ L x 48″ W for loading wider ATVs.
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ATV/Small Equipment Ramps
These long, high quality bifold ATV and small equipment ramps have a unique design that works great!  Easy to use, lightweight, and strong aluminum construction with a durable full attaching lip and safety straps.
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Extra Long ATV Ramp
Extra-Long Economy ATV Ramp
Extra-long, economy-style bifold ATV ramps, load with ease into taller trucks! Easy to use, lightweight, and strong aluminum with a superior traction serrated cross rung system for both wet and dry use. Folds exactly in half for storage, includes rubber-coated fingers, and ramp safety straps.
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