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  • 07Oct

    The Big Boy II arched loading ramp system is by far the most innovative ramp system to hit the market! Packed full of features allowing you to load motorcycles, ATVs, golf carts, UTVs, zero turn lawnmowers, and just about any pneumatic wheel vehicle up to 3000 lbs! The Big Boy II is constructed of lightweight, rustproof aluminum and consists of two separate single runner ramps that can be connected together in seconds with two included connecting brackets. The arched loading ramp system folds in half at the center for storage, and when unfolded, features a 12° offset for greater clearance for lower vehicles.

    The Big Boy II comes in 8′, 9′, 10′, and 12′ lengths to meet most loading height requirements and is 38″ wide when both ramps are connected together (19″ wide per ramp).  Additional ramps can be purchased separately and locked together to make greater widths.  Each Big Boy II includes two cam buckle straps for loading safety and a five year warranty! Made in the USA!

    APPLICATIONS: Load all types of pneumatic wheeled vehicles up to 3000 lbs into pick up trucks or trailers.

    Features:Big Boy 2 folded

    • Two single runner arched loading ramps
    • Connect the two ramps together with two included connecting brackets
    • Serrated cross rungs for maximum traction
    • Includes two cam buckle safety straps
    • Full-width plate/hook-style attaching lip for extra strength
    • Lightweight, rustproof aluminum construction
    • 5 year warranty
    • Additional ramps can be purchased and joined to make wider loading configurations
    • Made in the USA

    Model Length (Unfolded) Length (Folded) Height (Folded) Width Weight Capacity Weight
    MF2-9638 96″ (8′)  48-1/2″  5-5/8″ 38″ total
    19″ per section
    3000 lbs
    1500 lbs per section
     72 lbs
    MF2-10838 108″ (9′) 54-1/2″  5-5/8″ 38″ total
    19″ per section
    3000 lbs
    1500 lbs per section
    80 lbs
    MF2-12038 120″ (10′) 60-1/2″  5-5/8″ 38″ total
    19″ per section
    2500 lbs
    1250 lbs per section
    86 lbs
    MF2-14438 144″ (12′) 72-1/2″  5-5/8″ 38″ total
    19″ per section
    2000 lbs
    1000 lbs per section
    108 lbs