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Medical Access Ramps
Mobility Ramps WCMF mobility ramps
Single Folding Mobility Ramp
The SCG series mobility and equipment loading ramps feature a full-width platform and built-in serrated surface which provides excellent stability and traction. The platform folds in half lengthwise for easy storage and has a convenient carrying handle for portability.
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Portable Mobility Ramp
The easy-to-transport WCMF series of ramps provide access over steps, ledges, or even into vehicles. Each ramp breaks down into two sections and folds down to one-fourth its original size. Each section includes a carrying handle and Velcro closing tabs for easy transport.
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Adjustable Threshold Ramp
Adjustable threshold ramps are designed to work on steps/thresholds with no door or a door that swings away. The easy-to-use threaded legs allow the ramp to be adjusted from 3-3/4″ to 7-1/2″ high.
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Portable Folding Track Ramps
Portable folding track ramps assist with moving mobility scooters/wheelchairs into the side door of a van, over stairs, or over curbs. A sturdy attaching lip holds the ramps in place, while a textured surface ensures mobility scooters and wheelchairs do not slip during use.
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 Aluminum Threshold Ramps
These modular, free-standing threshold ramps are available in seven sizes to work with a variety of doorways, raised landings, or single steps. The ramps are made of lightweight aluminum with a non-slip surface and include predrilled holes for optional permanent mounting.
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Threshold Ramp
The DH-UP-8 provides a transition between elevated surfaces with up to a 2-1/2” rise. The ramp features a textured surface for traction and works great with wheelchairs, power chairs, scooters, and pedestrian traffic. Three channels allow wires, cables, and hoses to be run beneath the ramp.
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Bowling ramp
Bowling Ramp
Bowling ramps allow those with limited strength or mobility to participate in bowling by guiding and releasing the ball with little physical effort. The ramp features a wide base, allowing room for wheelchairs and may be assembled or disassembled quickly using hand-turn bolts.
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