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Hitch Accessories
DRH-1 Dual Receiver DRH-2 Hitch Rise/Drop 1-1/4"-2" DRH-3 Hitch Rise/Drop 2"-2"
2″ Dual Receiver
The dual purpose, 2″ hitch adapter DRH-1 extends a Class III or IV hitch receiver 12-1/2″ for both towing and using a cargo carrier, bike rack, or other receiver hitch accessory.
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1-1/4″ to 2″ Hitch Rise/Drop
The DRH-2 hitch riser/drop adapter converts and corrects towing hitch alignment/clearance problems by extending and converting a 1-1/4″ hitch receiver 6-1/4″ or 7-3/4″ and rising or dropping 3-1/2″ to a 2″ Class III or IV hitch receiver, depending on the required application.
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2″ to 2″ Hitch Rise/Drop
The DRH-3 hitch drop/riser for Class III and IV 2″ hitch receivers corrects towing hitch alignment and clearance issues by extending the hitch receiver 6-3/4″ and rising or dropping 4-1/2″, depending on the application required.
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Bike Rack Adapter Bike Rack Adapter Bike Rack Adapter
Bike Rack Adapter
The bike rack adapter extends a Class III or Class IV solid 2″ hitch receiver, giving bicycle racks and carriers extra room and clearance between the vehicle bumper. This adapter has a 225 lb capacity which includes the bike carrier and all bicycles being transported.
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Class II to Class III/IV Adapter
HE-2-3 converts 1-1/4″ Class II hitch receivers for use with 2″ Class III/IV hitch products such as cargo carriers, bicycle racks, and more. Each adapter also extends the hitch receiver by 6-1/4″ for additional clearance, making it great for recessed hitches.
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Class III/IV Hitch Extender
HE-3-3 extends a Class III/IV hitch receivers for additional clearance, a great solution access to recessed hitches. Ideal for hitch products such as carriers, bicycle racks, and trailers.
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Spare Tire Carrier Deer Hoists Anti-Tilt Bracket
Trailer Spare Tire Carrier
Having an extra inflated tire around is always a good idea when trailering, especially if it’s a utility trailer accustomed to travel through work sites.
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Deer Hoists
Convert a vehicle hitch into a game cleaning station with a hitch mounted deer hoist. Available in fixed position or swivel-base designs. For 2″ Class III/IV hitch receivers, includes a lift, gambrel, lift strap, and winch.
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Anti-Tilt Bracket
The anti-tilt bracket prevents wobble in hitch mounted products attached to a 2″ Class III or greater hitch. Collar slides over the hitch tube and bolts directly to the receiver for increased stabilization.
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Silent hitch pin
Silent Hitch Pin
The silent hitch pin keeps hitch-mounted accessories stable, quiet, and safe. The pin fits into Class III or IV hitch receivers and includes a barrel lock for security.
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