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  • 07Dec

    Heavy Duty Skid Loader Ramps

    These heavy duty, large capacity loading ramps are designed for heavy equipment. Ramps with 10,000 and 12,000 lb capacities (per axle) are available with hook and pin ends to fit different trailer configurations. Hook end ramps have a 90 degree corner designed to match a 1-5/16″ bar or angle channel, while pin end ramps fit directly into trailer skid seats. An all-aluminum construction will not rust.


    • Available with hook or pin ends
    • Hook ends feature a 90 degree hook for a 1-5/16″ bar/angle channel
    • Pin ends fit directly into skid seats
    • Heavy duty capacity for loading heavy equipment
    • All-aluminum construction
    • Store flat on top of each other
    • 1 year warranty

    Model Length Width Thickness Weight (each) Attachment Foot Weight Capacity
    12-16-144-02-S 144″ 16” 6-1/4” 102 lbs Pin Stub 12,000 lbs per axle
    12-16-144-05-S 144″ 16” 6-1/4” 102 lbs Hook Stub 12,000 lbs per axle
    10-16-168-05-S 168″ 16” 6-1/4” 125 lbs Hook Stub 10,000 lbs per axle
    12-16-168-05 168″ 16” 6-1/4” 115 lbs Hook Knife 12,000 lbs per axle
    12-16-168-02 168″ 16” 6-1/4” 116 lbs Pin Knife 12,000 lbs per axle