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Hose Ramps
Supply Line Master Stream Ramp
2-Channel Hose Bridge
The heavy duty dual channel DH-HCR4 encloses stream hoses up to 3-1/2” in diameter, preventing bulges that are created by heavy traffic running over the lines. The DH-HCR4 is 5” high and each side has steps which increase at 1” increments that feature reflective yellow safety strips and glass bead reflectors
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Supply Line / Master Stream Ramp
The DH-HR-3 is a dual 3-3/4″D channel hose ramp specifically designed to protect supply line and/or master stream hoses from interruptions or bulges due to vehicle traffic. Hose ramps can be bridged together with the included connectors and surface mounted to prevent movement during use.
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Dual Channel Hose Ramp
The 2-channel DH-HR-5 is designed to hold hose lines with a 4-1/2” diameter, allowing vehicles with at least a 5” clearance to drive over the ramp, reducing the chances of hose bulges. Its industrial strength thermoplastic rubber construction supports up to 20,000 lbs per axle.
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