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  • 04Apr

    Hauler Truck Rubber Wheel Chock

    The DH-WC-1 chock prevents rolling or load shifting during loading and unloading at sloped loading docks. Its 37° slope with a tread surface adds extra grip for tires up to 44″ in diameter. The chock features an integrated carrying handle with a 3/8″ pre-drilled tie-down hole for rope or chain attachment and is made with heavy duty industrial thermoplastic rubber built to last.


    • Thermoplastic rubber wheel chock
    • Great for over-the-road hauler trucks with a maximum 40 ton capacity
    • Stabilizes truck trailers to prevent vehicle rolling or shifting during docking
    • Works with tires up to 44″ in diameter
    • Ideal in sloped surface loading dock environments
    • Integrated carrying handle with a pre-drilled 3/8″ tie-down hole
    • 37° tread surface for extra grip
    • Available in singles, recommended to be used in pairs to meet OSHA guidelines
    • 1 year warranty
    Model Description Dimensions Tire Sizes Capacity Weight
    DH-WC-1 37° Hauler Truck Rubber Wheel Chock 9-7/8″ L x 6-1/4″ W x 7-1/4″ H Up to 44″ D 40 tons 6 lbs