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Hitch Cargo Carriers
Folding Cargo Carrier cargo baskets for hitches Folding Cargo Carrier
Folding Cargo Baskets
Store extra cargo using a vehicle hitch with folding hitch cargo baskets. Featuring a pull-pin design allowing the basket to be tilted vertically up and out of the way for storage without removal.
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Cargo Baskets
500 lb capacity hitch cargo baskets feature versatile ways of transporting extra cargo. Baskets can be used with cargo nets and cargo bags for additional storage options. Powder coated steel construction offers superior strength with a thick mesh bottom.
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Folding Cargo Carriers
Mounts to a 2″ Class III/IV hitch receiver and features a thick steel mesh bottom with a strong flat plate 2-3/4″ side rail construction. The folding carrier pivots up and out of the way when needed.
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Hitch Mounted Cargo Carriers UC500XL Hitch Rack Hitch Cargo Basket
Hitch Mounted Cargo Carriers
Tray style cargo carriers mount to 2″ receiver hitches and have a thick steel mesh bottom with a strong flat plate 2-3/4″ side rail construction. Each tray style cargo carrier comes with reflective strips for safety and are designed with a maximum weight capacity of 500 lbs.
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UC500-XL HD Cargo Carrier
Easier to use than a trailer, our hitch mounted equipment carrier has all the premium features. Transport wheelchairs, scooters, lawn & garden equipment, cargo, just about anything without a trailer!
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UC500 Hitch Cargo Basket
The UCC500 hitch basket works great for hauling utility equipment such as snowblowers or lawnmowers. The carrier has a heavy duty construction that can haul up to 500 lbs and features a mesh surface to allow water or dirt to pass through.
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Summit Hitch Cargo Carrier Summit Aluminum Cargo Carrier Trailer Hitch Cargo Carrier
Steel Hitch Cargo Carrier
Carry cargo, camping equipment, game, tailgate supplies and more with the Summit Cargo Gear hitch cargo carrier. Designed for 2″ Class III/IV hitch receivers, the cargo basket features a 500 lb capacity with plenty of storage space and tie-down points to move equipment efficiently.
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Aluminum Hitch Cargo Carrier
Easily haul camping gear, small equipment, game, and much more with Summit Cargo Gear’s aluminum cargo carrier. Designed for 2″ Class III/IV hitch receivers, the aluminum cargo carrier features raised side rails for plenty of cargo tie-down options.
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SC400 Hitch Cargo Carrier
The SC400 hitch cargo carrier is designed to work with Class III or IV trailer hitches. Able to be used for transporting your wheelchair, scooter, small equipment, or other cargo.
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aluminum cargo carrier SC500 Cargo Carrier Cargo Carrier Bags
SC500-AF Hitch Cargo Carrier
The SC500-AF is used for transporting power chairs, wheelchairs, and scooters. This carrier fits into a 2″ Class III or IV receiver hitch. The SC500-AF has an attached ramp that folds into three positions: down for loading/unloading, upright for transport, and laid flat on the carrier for storage.
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SC500 Cargo Carrier
This carrier works great for transporting your wheelchair, scooter, small equipment or cargo. For securing your cargo 10 built-in tie-down points have been added along the sides.
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48″ and 60″ Cargo Bags
CSBG cargo carrier bags are designed to work with 48″ and 60″ long cargo carriers. Each cargo carrier bag is made from waterproof PVC nylon and features a Velcro weather-seal flap to cover external zippers for maximum weather protection.
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Cargo bag ATV Cargo Carriers
Cargo Storage Bags
When even more extra cargo space is needed, the extra large RBG-04 is fit for the challenge. The waterproof cargo bag can be mounted to a vehicle roof rack or cargo carrier with the included rack tie-down straps.
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ATV Cargo Storage
Our premium quality front and rear ATV baskets, cargo boxes, rack packs, and tank bags make it easy to bring cargo along on ATV excursions.
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