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Cargo Bags and Storage Boxes
Soft Cargo Bags
Roof Cargo Bags
The weatherproof soft-sided car top carrier ties down to an existing vehicle roof rack for added vehicle cargo storage. Created from heavy duty PVC nylon, each car top carrier features a self-repairing zipper, a storm flap, and adjustable tie down straps.
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Soft Cargo Bag
The RBG-02 soft side car top carrier provides extra cargo storage for a vehicle roof and has a weatherproof, heavy duty PVC nylon construction. The car top carrier features a storm flap, self-repairing zipper, and tie-down straps designed to mount to a vehicle’s existing roof rack.
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Rooftop Bag
Designed for larger cargo, the RBG-06 will hold up to 14.8 cubic feet on a vehicle roof rack with the included tie-down straps. The car top carrier bag is constructed of weatherproof, heavy duty PVC-coated nylon and features a self-repairing zipper and water-resistant flap cover.
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RBG-08 Translucent White Roof Bag
Rooftop Cargo Bag
When even more cargo space is needed, the extra large RBG-04 is fit for the challenge. The waterproof cargo bag can be mounted to a vehicle roof rack or cargo carrier with the included rack tie-down straps.
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Cargo Carrier Bags
The car top roof bag is designed with heavy duty flexible PVC-coated nylon, a self-repairing zipper, and a weatherproof flap to transport a variety of differently or odd shaped cargo. Each car top roof bag mounts to a vehicle roof rack with the included tie down straps.
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Translucent White Roof Bag
The Summit RBG-08-2 translucent white roof cargo bag ties down to a vehicle roof rack for additional storage and helps reduce heat build-up inside the bag. The waterproof PVC-coated nylon roof bag includes a self-repairing zipper, storm flap, and tie-down straps.
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RBG-07 Expandable Roof Bag
48″ and 60″ Cargo Bags
CSBG cargo carrier bags are designed to work with 48″ and 60″ long cargo carriers. Each cargo carrier bag is made from waterproof PVC nylon and features a Velcro weather-seal flap to cover external zippers for maximum weather protection.
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Expandable Roof Cargo Bags
The RBG-07 series roof top cargo bags tie-down to a vehicle roof rack for transporting extra gear. Each soft-sided roof bag has an expandable design to accommodate differently shaped cargo from 14″ to 18″ high.
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