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Platform Bicycle Carriers
2 + 2 Platform Bike Rack modular hitch bike rack 3 Bike Platform Bicycle Carrier
2+2 Platform 4-Bicycle Carrier
This bike rack takes our platform bike rack design to the next level. The removable rack extension turns the 2-bike rack into a 4-bike carrier so the user can change the capacity of the rack to meet their hauling needs. The bike tires easily fit into the platforms that adjusts from 50″ – 76″ long and each bike has a attaching bar with rubber coated grips that fits on the frame.
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Modular Hitch Bike Rack
The Trekker bike rack is an easy-to-use wheel-mount carrier that fits into a 1-1/4” or 2” hitch receiver. Its convenient modular design allows it to be used as a 2-bike rack or a 4-bike rack with the optional extension.
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3-Bike Platform Bicycle Carrier
This innovative 3-bike rack is full of quality features that set it apart from others. The bike tires easily fit into one of three platforms that adjusts from 50″ – 76″ long. Each bike has an attaching bar with rubber coated grips that fits on the frame. This rack both folds up when not loaded and folds down to access a rear hatch or door or tailgate.
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RV Bumper Bike Rack bike rack adapter
RV Bumper Bike Racks
These heavy duty RV bumper bike racks are an effective way to secure up to two or four bicycles to RV campers. Each rack comes with two separate carrier racks designed to be adjusted to the length of the bikes being hauled.
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Bike Rack Adapter
The bike rack adapter extends a Class III or Class IV solid 2″ hitch receiver, giving bicycle racks and carriers extra room and clearance between the vehicle bumper. This adapter has a 225 lb capacity which includes the bike carrier and all bicycles being transported.
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