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Bicycle Luggage
cycling hydration pack bike saddle bag bike seat bag
Cycling Hydration Pack
The hydration pack includes a two-liter capacity bladder that fits into a pocket inside the backpack. From the bottom of the bladder is a drinking tube with a bite valve mouthpiece to use for drinking. The pack itself is constructed from nylon and has a comfortable padded mesh back panel and shoulder straps.
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Bike Saddle Bag
The bike saddle bag is an unobtrusive, water-resistant polyester bag that is mounted on rails beneath the bike’s seat with both a Velcro strap and a quick release buckle strap. Its storage space can be doubled with the pull of a zipper, and is protected by a polyethylene board inside.
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Bike Seat Bag
The BB-13022-B is a water-resistant polyester bike seat bag that attaches with a quick release buckle and a Velcro strap; it can be mounted permanently by using a two-piece mounting plate and the buckle. The storage space can be expanded with a pull of a zipper and a polyethylene board inside the compartment protects the items inside and retains the bag’s shape.
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bike handlebar bag
Bike Handlebar Bag
This water-resistant polyester handlebar bag provides easy-access storage for small items. The main storage space consists of a single compartment protected by a 2mm polyethylene board. A mesh pocket on the front and two elastic straps on the top allow additional storage.
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